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"How to nourish that special place deep inside?"

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"Lacking Motivation Help Is Waiting For You!"



"Is it time for you to step into a sober future?"

You can change your mind with a feeling and a meaning just like everyone else.

You will have access to a process where you "combine a positive feeling with a clear, constructive meaning to get into any state of mind you want;" motivated, determined, focused, etc.

It's key. Your life may depend on it. Your state of mind can open the door.

* But it's more than just changing your mind! *

It's much more than just getting into a state of mind. Here's where the power is.

Consider the following combinations:

Willing > Believing > Committed to get sober.

Motivated > Determined > Confident to stay sober.

Committed > Determined > Focused to start a new life.

Each Meta-State empowers you. With over 100 Meta-States in my book: Lacking Motivation? Help Is Waiting For You, the combinations and possibilities are enormous. There is more.

** And it's more than combining Meta-States. **

The more times you use your favorite states of mind, the more they become habituated, and the more empowered your thinking becomes. Embed the Meta-States deeply, let them become part of you.

Here's what makes the process work.

  • The thought patterns (associated with getting into the Meta-States) are what touches that place deep inside and creates a sober you.
  • When in danger of doing something stupid, you can think and feel your way to safety.
  • The process is flexible enough to change as you grow, giving you continuing support.

Your state of mind is key.

Missing piece.

You can become much more ego-strengthened, competent, and focused, BUT there is a missing piece isn't there? You don't have the book.

Choose how you would like order. There are two ways:

First Way: Download it from ClickBank (in Adobe pdf format) in minutes. Use it online - also print the whole book, sections, or individual pages.

Second Way: Order a paper copy.

it's about timeFirst Way Explained: It's time. Click Here to Order Now.

  • The price of the book is $29.95 and at that price, the value far exceeds the price.
  • The Introductory price is $24.95. An even bigger bargain.

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  • and get the complete book.
  • two free e-mail coaching sessions.
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If you don't already have Adobe Acrobat Reader (with pdf format), it's free at You probably already have it installed.

Second Way Explained:  For an autographed copy in a plastic-comb binding, send a check made out to Dave Jacobi for $29.95 (shipping included) to:

SET for Success
Dave Jacobi
2401-2 Parker St.
Columbia MO 65202
573 814 1299

Be sure and include how you want the autograph to read.

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