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 "Alcoholism Signs May Mean You Are Headed For Death's Door."

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alcoholism signs...maybe it's time to take a look. But it has to be an honest look, and if you do, you'll probably be surprised by some new ideas.

As you think back to wanting to drink... and (at the same time) not wanting to drink... and that state of mind  you get into when you give in and drink... is there a special part of you that could have said NO and made you feel good because you did? Do you need to get into a special state of mind to stay sober?

"Stinking thinking is a state of mind."

"Alcoholism symptoms include a state of mind"

We are always in some state of mind and it can be productive or destructive but there is a difference with alcoholics; it may be a matter of life or death.

Because the state of mind is so immediate, always right there, and because it can be life or death, you really need to consider it first when looking to change your behavior.

Let's change gears and think of a related idea.

"Meta-States are an amazing discovery, if you are new to them, Welcome."

Athletes, pilots, chess players, etc. are famous for managing focus, confidence, etc. but they don't hold exclusive rights to "enhanced states" of mind.

 American Author Dave JacobiHi I'm Dave Jacobi. "You are entitled" to ride the Meta-States train and to go the distance, sober.

Note 1: Meta-States are "what you are feeling and thinking" in the present; in other words, your state of mind.

Note 2: The term Meta-State comes from Neuro-Semantics and was coined by L. Michael Hall in 1994. He recognized that we can take states of mind to higher levels.


Stuck states and stinking thinking

Can you change your mind, your Meta-State; from anger to comfortability, for instance.

As you entertain this idea, entertain the idea that the "search" to "get sober" and "stay sober," might touch that special part of you, where you can decide what state to be in.

What state will "unstick you" and "stick you in the clean and sober circle?" Would you like to go see?

Are you ready to combine a positive feeling with a clean, constructive meaning to get in touch with that special place deep inside, to "do what you need to do to abstain from alcohol and drugs and feel good that you did.

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