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Meta States Example

Florence, mother of two high school students had returned to work after being a stay-at-home mom for 16 years. She was working as a low-level computer support person. Her husband had a successful career as a computer analyst.

As she and her family drove to the North Carolina shore for a week's vacation, she was conflicted about her new career. She was entertaining the idea of going to school to qualify as a sophisticated, top-level support person. So far, she had enjoyed learning about computers and would have her husband for emotional support as well as assistance in learning the required material.

At the same time, she felt she wanted to do something else, something entirely new. She had a sense she might be going down the wrong road.

She knew she would enjoy her family on the vacation and also have long walks alone, to contemplate her career.

She had read the first three chapters of Lacking Motivation? Help Is Waiting. She knew her knowledge of Meta-States would allow her to go to a "meta" position and examine her skills, desires, values, etc. from a more objective point of view. She would take the opportunity to see how Meta-States might work in her situation.

On her first walk, she gave herself permission to have options, to become curious and resourceful.

What Did Florence Do?

Florence finished reading Lacking Motivation? Help Is Waiting on vacation. She got in touch with feelings, beliefs, and values that are important to her. She had been missing her children since they hadn't needed her as much and decided to work with youngsters.

She designed a preliminary Self-Evolutionary template (in the book) on the beach and knew what she would do. When she got home, she completed a business plan, sold her husband on the idea, then left her job as a support person to open a day care center. She decided to help children develop basic skills including positive states of mind.

Meta States


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