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"Motivation Help" Motivation Help

Definition: I am calling a positive state of mind a Meta-State (from Neuro-Semantics).

Using the Jacobi Method, you can create Meta-States by combining a positive feeling with a constructive meaning. The technique is unique and new.

Would you like to go inside...deep inside...get into a focused... fluorescent-like Meta-State...anytime you want...to ignite your motivation...to go the distance?

But wait, not only to jump-start your motivation, but you can also become; confident...self-esteemed...determined. And, if you choose; assertive...charismatic...empowered. All designed to help you to go the distance.

And you can link Meta-States. Some states just seem to go together:

Motivated > Determined > Confident to obtain goals, for instance.

You will have over 100 Meta-States to work with, think of the possibilities.

And there is more. The more you use them the more they become habituated (the more they become automatic), unconsciously embedded in your thinking process to help you to go the distance.

And more yet...you not only get complete instructions to power up but this unique, one of a kind book, also provides simple, step-by-step instructions to help you obtain goals.

You will combine logic (left brain) with motivation (right brain). I call it the Jacobi Method. It is fully explained in Lacking Motivation? Help is Waiting For You.

The book is completely unique, nothing else like it on the market today...it is only available here...and you can be using it in minutes (putting time on your side)...knowing that it is guaranteed for 90 days (no  questions asked) so there is no risk. Don't miss out.

You will have the positive effects you (create) for the rest of your life. In fact, you can "use the Jacobi Method for the rest of your life."

Choose how you would like order. There are two ways:

First Way: Download it from ClickBank (in Adobe pdf format) in minutes. Use it online, print the whole book, sections, or individual pages.

Second Way: Order a paper copy.

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If you don't already have Adobe Acrobat Reader (with pdf format), it's free at www.adobe.com. You probably already have it installed.

Second Way Explained:  For an autographed copy in a plastic-comb binding, send a check made out to Dave Jacobi for $29.95 (shipping included) to:

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