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"How to nourish that special place deep inside?"

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"Business Motivation Plan"

"High performance through employee motivation"

  • State of mind, that you can feel all the way down to the smallest muscle, and all the way up to those fresh, new ideas, is key, and the beginning point of any coaching experience.
  • Combining a positive feeling with a specific meaning is "key to the key" and provides forward movement.
  • Business motivation plans by SET for Success are custom designed for each business.
  • Testing for success and ensuring success is the end point.

SET for Success provides rigorous motivational training for corporations that want to enhance motivation in the workplace and thus the competence and productivity of employees.


As you decide whether corporate consulting, as provided by SET for Success is for you and your company, let me provide a thought.

Each individual's "work worth" depends largely on state of mind (motivation, etc.) and skills (people and technical). The Jacobi Method provides motivation, determination, self-esteem and other states of mind. State of mind is each person's most immediate resource, it supports or detracts from all others. Since it is most immediate, it should be given first consideration.

The Jacobi Method also provides a Self-Evolutionary template containing 15 elements for success in a sequential, interlocking logic that can be used to bring rational thinking to your goals.

The states of mind (Meta-States) provide the locomotion.

The Self-Evolutionary template provides the logic.

It works individually and in groups.

My definition of teamwork is "a group of individuals having the same motivation and logic template directed toward a desired outcome."

Lacking Motivation? Help Is Waiting For You! is the book containing the Jacobi Method. This method teaches and instills the benefits listed above and can be of great help to new, surviving, or separated employees.

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