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Strengths for personal development and natural personal growth are functions of your electric brain.

As I said earlier, state of mind is paramount. Let me now say, and I believe it firmly, that your higher self, that often talked about higher self is nothing more than a higher state of mind. You are the same person, you operate at a higher mental-emotional level. If you are lacking motivation, help is often a matter of getting into a higher, "getting it done" state of mind.

If you are looking for a Personal Development Coach, I will coach you to coach yourself. Inner drive, self motivation are both an inside job and you can get to where you need to be, internally, and then externally.

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Personal development coachThe coaching that I provide focuses on the application of The Jacobi Method as defined in: Lacking Motivation? Help Is Waiting For You!. You might want to try the book on your own first. If you run into problems we will then have something important to talk about. You may order now.

The Jacobi Method has two major objectives.

  1. Creating and managing states of mind (Meta-States like self-esteem, courage, determination etc.) that enable you to become more successful. Meta-States are a great way to motivate yourself, empower yourself, to get you going.
  2. Designing and using logical "thinking" for obtaining goals via a Self-Evolutionary templates. Self-Evolutionary templates help you to go the distance.

Meta-States and the Self-Evolutionary template both use feeling and meaning.

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    "Mr. Jacobi has outdone himself. This book begs to be followed. It works for me. It will work for anyone."

    "This is an easy read and more important it works."

    "I did 14 Meta-States, immediately, and began making plans for all of the things that I am going to do."

    Penny Rowe, Denville, NJ

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