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Both "strengths for personal development" and "strengths for a business motivation plan" have the same beginning point, your state of mind. Let me summarize the importance of your state of mind and how you can enhance it. The A B C's of your inner strength.

  1. Your motivation, your state of mind, how you feel, etc. is your most immediate resource or liability (motivated = resource, unmotivated = frustration and pain, it's always right there. Your state of mind should be the beginning point for any coaching experience, whether for self or others.
  2. The state you get into depends on many things but can be changed. You simply fuse a positive feeling with a constructive meaning. The feeling of excitement or love or joy etc. combined with the meaning of motivation (for you) will motivate you. It's as simple as that.
  3. The process is unique and elegant.

American Author Dave JacobiHi. I'm Dave Jacobi. Months ago while working on the problem of motivation, an electric thought danced around in my electric brain.

Note: Isn't it amazing how when an electrical signal in the brain comes down a dendrite up to a brain cell, and the chemistry is right, it gives the brain cell a jolt and then dances off to one of the other billions and billions of cells.

As complex as the brain is, the simplicity and the elegance of the technique I created for changing states still astounds me.

Coming up with the technique and refining it only took a month; after years of study and experience.

It goes like this: If you fuse a cozy, powerful feeling with a clear, precise meaning you can get into any state of mind you want. Motivation, focus, confidence, etc., (complex brain patterns) become easy to achieve. As you become proficient at getting into and managing positive states, you develop a more successful personality.

  • Negative states of mind are a liability, get away from them and get into positive states as if your life depends on it (because it does).
  • Positive states of mind are a tremendous resource, soup up your motivation engine and then take specific, judicious steps to obtain any goal, also part of the process.
  • For several million years, we humans have been deciding the meaning (left-brain) and the feeling (right-brain) of our experiences and making associations that light up inside.
  • Think about it for a minute. Every positive state of mind contains primarily a feeling and a meaning. They fit like new fur-lined gloves, like birth and the sound of the baby's first cry.
  • Motivation, confidence, self-esteem and all of the other states of mind have two components that rule, that do the most to provide your state of mind, these two components are feeling and meaning.

Have you been considering your state of mind (first) when you move toward a goal? Or, have you been treating your state of mind like an unwanted cousin? Some of us seem to become mesmerized by the bad moods we get into. Some don't realize that they can do anything about them.


"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.
- Henry David Thoreau (1817 - 1862)"


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