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"How to nourish that special place deep inside?"

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"Lacking Motivation Help Is Waiting For You!"


"Weight Problem Solution!"

"A Weight Problem Solution You Can Live With!"

Would you like to obtain a secret method for staying on your diet and providing a solution to your weight problem?

Would you like to learn to put 'all' of the pieces for weight loss together and get on with it?

Would you like to go inside...deep inside...and decide to get into that focused... fluorescent-like motivated, and determined, and disciplined Meta-State...anytime you get strength to stay on your diet.

You can, but you need to put all of the pieces together!

And how about confidence and self-esteem, and ego-strength for good measure. And also, if you choose: become  assertive, charismatic, and empowered. All designed to help you to go the distance.

You can, but you need to put all of the pieces together!

What other Meta-States can I get?

What would happen if you had the ability to get into over 100 Meta-States including being...focused...passionate...and more productive. What would happen if you could slip inside and get into that magic-like quality of when you were a young child...but now there is a big can now act to secure your wants and needs...and to go the distance.

You can, but you need to put all of the pieces together!

But how can I do it?

Your brain already knows have been doing it...all of your life...sometimes misdirected and negative, but always impactful. You can leave the pain and frustration behind.

You can now focus and refocus your positive states of mind...until they are habituated...leaving overeating behind...punching your ticket for going the distance.

You can, but you need to put all of the pieces together!

But what's the secret?

You already know that the "feeling-meaning-fusion" technique is provided in: Lacking Motivation? Help Is Waiting For You! And that you can fuse a feeling with a meaning and get into any state of mind you want; no secret there. It's new, it's unique, and most people don't know about it, but you do, now.

So what's the secret?

In spite of how powerful "getting into" Meta-States can be, I bet you would like to take it to a higher level. And you can. You can "chain" states together to multiply the results.

WOW. How?

You link the Meta-States together, in the order you choose, to go in the direction of your choice. For example, some states just seem to go together:

    Disciplined > Determined > Sustaining to  lose weight.

    WillingBelieving > Committed > to get sober.

How about the following to go the distance.

    Special Awareness > Intending > Believing > Deserving >

    Self-Motivating > Determined > Congruent > Focusing >

    Self-Esteeming > Responsible > Self-Sustaining

I can affirm that going the distance is powerful. And with over 100 Meta-States to work with, the possibilities are enormous.

I am impressed!

And there is more. The more you use them, the more you habituate them, the more they become automatic, unconsciously embedded in your thinking process. You might call it going the distance-X.

You "can" put the pieces together!

WOW that's incredible.

And there's still not only get complete instructions to power up using this unique, one of a kind book, but it also provides judicious, step-by-step instructions to obtain "any goal." I call it going the distance-XX.

You "can" put the pieces together!

But how can I get the book and is it guaranteed?

The book containing the Jacobi Method is completely unique, there is nothing else like it on the market is only available here...and you will be using it in minutes (putting time on your side)...knowing that it is guaranteed for 90 days (no  questions asked) so there is no risk. The risk would be to miss out. That's going the distance-XXX.

You "can" put the pieces together!

You will have the positive effects you obtain now, for the rest of your life. In fact, you can use the Jacobi Method for the rest of your life.

Weight Win provides the missing piece.

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