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Hi I'm Dave Jacobi, you don't have to be a genius to figure out the "most valuable" resource for weight loss.

It's your state of mind, your mood, or to use the Neuro-Semantic term, its your "Meta-State." Meta-States are the "genius" for weight loss and many other goals.

It's not a lack of food. Most of us have an abundance, maybe for the first time in human history, an overabundance. Our brain-body system believes it's time to add weight to get ready for the next famine.

It's not a lack of diets, we have more than ever, many with opposing points of view. Mine is simple: whole foods as much as possible, with a heavy accent on protein. Oops. I do use a (refined) powder from the Stevia plant as a sugar substitute.

Since our nationalities, ages, and body systems have a tendency to vary, a search for the best diet, the one that works best for you, is an excellent road to travel.

But how do you stay on it? Isn't that the most important question?

I don't offer a diet plan for everybody but I do offer a tremendous resource for "staying" on the one that you choose. And, it seems to work for everyone who tries it.

Let's talk about combining a feeling with a meaning to get into any state of mind you want. It's still amazing to me how it works. It keeps becoming more powerful, the more I use it. Here's one of the most amazing pieces of this new strategy.

You are able to work directly with your neurology.

You don't go in with a surgeon's knife, you use feeling and meaning, gently or powerfully, but safely and competently. The more often you do it, the more you embed positive thought patterns (in your brain and nervous system, your mind-body system). You can use this naturally occurring method, powerfully, to get to where you want to go.

And, you are not "just" getting into solid states of awareness and performing better, you are reshaping your mental model of life (generally) and your personality (specifically); your self-image, beliefs, values, skills, etc.

You develop a more knowing, successful, constructive personality. You are reshaping you. Revel in it. Celebrate who you are and who you can become.

Weight Problem provides more information about a weight loss solution.

So it's more than Meta-States for weight loss, it's Meta-States for a new you, but let's focus again on weight loss. Do you think that being:

Disciplined > Determined > Sustaining

would help you stay on your diet? You can add:

Motivating > Confident > Committed

If you like, you will be able to empower over 100 Meta-States and more than that, you will be able to chain a number of Meta-States together so that it takes you in a direction, creates a customized state, for the goal you are looking to attain: weight loss, exercise, study, new job, etc.

And, if you use the process (that will become available to you shortly), for a period of time, the process of getting into state becomes habituated. It becomes part of you, you own it. It begins to come to you automatically, spontaneously, in addition to when you intentionally empower it.

And the most amazing piece of all. The more you use it, the more powerful it becomes, as a single Meta-State, or a chain of Meta-States (if you choose to link them). You are exercising your mental-emotional muscles. The more you work out, the more powerful your mental-emotional muscle becomes; and the better your life.

Weight Problem provides more information for going the distance.

If you have questions you can e-mail me at and put (question for Dave about weight loss) in the subject line.

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