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"How to nourish that special place deep inside?"

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"Lacking Motivation Help Is Waiting For You!"


"Motivation Help"

"Lacking Motivation? Help Is Waiting For You!"

"You are impeccable in assuming that 'there is relief' from the pain and frustration caused by lack of motivation."


Have you ever tried to change something, tried to obtain a particular goal and gotten stuck -- didn't want to move forward? Have you ever been left to decide how to "get motivated" even when you didn't want to get off the dime and "get on with your life."

As you entertain this idea, do you suspect that you need to get in touch with a special part of you and maybe, just maybe, that special part of you is the key?

Do you suspect that it can put you in the winner's circle? Let's go see, let's "move into new areas of thought."


Premise - Part One

Hi, I'm Dave Jacobi. American Author Dave Jacobi Your state of mind is your most immediate resource and should be considered first when looking to add spark to your life.

This is true for several reasons. I list two.

First, your state of mind is always right there, firsthand. It provides the drive to get things done. You are always in some state of mind as you think, believe, decide, and act; as you turn the wheels of human locomotion.

Second, your state of mind can be a great resource;  HOWEVER, it can also be a great liability. When you are in a stuck-state, instead of being empowered (to take care of business), you muddle around feeling down. It's vital to maintain a positive state of mind, "to feel up there" instead of feeling down and dishearted...and you can feel up there.

Part Two

Your genetic programming (your emotional machinery) is designed to be developed, used, and made better. Your DNA wants you to evolve. You are not designed to fumble through life. You are designed to "go the distance with authority."

So what does it take to "bring you into the winner's circle?"

  • It has to be a process that resonates with your genetic programming.
  • It has to be a process that you have access to and that really works.
  • It has to be flexible enough to change as you grow giving you continuing support.

The Jacobi Method does these things and more.

*** Install your most powerful resource! ***

You are going to be able to "obtain a process where you combine a positive feeling with a constructive meaning to get into any state of mind you want." It is the key. Your state of mind can open the door, all the way, it's time for you to "step into new thinking?"

Motivation Help

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